Bluestone founder Kyle Johnson was raised in Petersburg, Virginia, where he learned to make almost everything by hand, starting with skateboard ramps at age 11. Following that, he learned how to do technical architectural drawings, interior design, and mechanic work. Everything he has focused on, throughout his life, has involved a hands on approach. All of this eventually lead him to creating jewelry and being trained under Master Goldsmith, Stephen Page, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Page’s training taught Kyle traditional goldsmith techniques, instead of relying on the modern computer to create.

“Using my hands has always been fulfilling. Every emotion is expressed through my hands until it becomes a tangible, physical, thing.” –Kyle Johnson

Kyle takes your jewelry concept and shapes it into reality. Previously the co-owner of another jewelry brand, he founded Bluestone Goldsmithing after deciding to focus more on custom designs. Choosing to use a name that has been in his family for generations, Bluestone Goldsmithing prides itself on creating pieces that are contemporary, yet timeless.